Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ultimate Blog Challenge

Today is day 30 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  I didn't make it to 30 posts.  This is my 15th post this month.  What I've learned:
1. I actually like blogging.  Even if nobody else reads what I have to say, it's cool looking back to reflect over the past month.  This blog has been a digital journal of a portion of my life.  
2. April isn't the best month for me to make month long commitments since my daughter is off school for most of the month and we often take a vacation, well, we did.
3. 15 posts is progress since I had only posted 6 times between February and March.
4. I didn't stop going when I could have said, "screw it" when I knew there was no way I could accomplish the goal of 30 posts.  I'm not disappointed.
5. I'm glad I participated.  It's been a great jump start to blogging.

Now that the month is over, I'm really looking forward to doing more blogging and continuing to create my own structure in which to do it.

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