Monday, May 12, 2014

My list of happy

1. The 2nd week back to school after a month off of for my daughter.  The first week back is always the biggest adjustment.  I almost always look to the first week thinking "I've got this" but by midweek I'm just done.

2.  Creative Live and April Bowles Olin (of Blacksburg Belle).  April's 3-day class "Build a Successful Creative Blog" on Creative Live was (is) such a good class.  I still can't believe that since I watched it live it was FREE.  There is no question in my mind that it was worth the time. I'm slowly but surely going to be implementing many ideas from this class right here!  Yay!

3. It's been about 2 weeks but we've finally gotten everything over to a newer computer.  I wasn't able to download pictures until the weekend.  It felt so good.  There were well over 500 pictures on my phone alone from our vacation.  The download from my camera comes next.

4. Cinnamon sugar bacon waffles.  My daughter comes up with these crazy (good) food combos.  So darn good!  I love the sweet and salty flavor combo.  That was probably the first time in more than 9 years that I used the waffle maker.  Way messier and much more fun than I remembered.