Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Have you ever just wanted to quit?

Have you ever just wanted to quit?  To stop doing something you said you would do?

That was me over the last few days.  I was done with the 30 day Ultimate Blog Challenge.  It was 13 days into the month and I had 8 blog posts done.  I was behind by 5 days, and therefore 5 posts.  I felt like I was in over my head.  It all started with assessing where I was with the challenge at almost halfway through it and thinking about what I had learned.  I felt good about getting started and working on photos.  Yet I realized that I just wasn't putting enough time into blogging. My posts that felt the best to me were the ones that involved a project, then writing it up and editing it (well, I love my "little list of happy").  They were the ones that took time beyond simply writing out a few sentences.  Looking at my schedule for the month, I knew I couldn't do a daily project that would meet my expectations, including pictures not to mention writing and editing.  I do like a challenge.  I don't want to just stop because I've fallen off track.   This is where the learning is...in dusting myself off, figuring out what works better and keeping on.  

This is post number 9 of 15 days so far.  I am going to keep going despite being behind and not knowing if I will be able to catch up.  I probably won't catch up given my schedule over the next week.  While that will be uncomfortable, it will feel better than saying "I'm done" or flaking out.  Im in!


  1. Hi Pam,

    I'm so glad you decided to continue in the Ultimate Blogging Challenge. The first challenge I entered, I ended up completing 18 posts because the weekends were very tough for me. This time, I am only behind by 2 posts, which I plan to make up this week.

    It does take dedication, consistency and discipline. When you have children, this challenge presents a challenge. But it's not impossible. Keep plugging away. In the end, you'll be happy that you did.

    1. Florence,
      That's great that you're only behind by 2 posts!

      It is definitely a challenge having a child who has a month long spring break and doing a this challenge at the same time. While I'm going to include her in the process, as appropriate, another lesson for me is not to make month long commitments while she's on break. I am definitely glad I decided not to quit.

  2. Hi Pam! That's great. Don't give up! Sometimes I feel like that as well. Especially when I have a post with photos, or my blogger is just not helping with all the formatting and all.. It seems to take ages! What I've started to do is leaving some posts ready as a draft when I have a bit more time. And then I schedule the posting. It's worked for me!
    Good luck!

    1. Hi Dani,
      I also leave my posts in draft when I don't have time to finish them if my internet seems slow or I run out of time for whatever reason. I definitely want to work on scheduling future posts a little more often.
      Thank you and thanks for visiting!