Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day composition book

Just popping in with a quick idea for a fun Valentine's Day present.

Supplies used: 
composition book
scrapbook paper 
adhesive (I used Hermafix Dotto for the paper and some red line tape to add   the bag inside)
adhesive ribbon (for pen holder and the XOXO above the name)
favor bag 
pink glitter heart envelope seal from my shop

Tools used:
paper trimmer

I'm not sure where I found the black piece I used to outline the name.  I think it may have been a piece I made using a Cricut several years ago.  

It may be hard to tell but the darker pink is a favor bag.  It will be a nice place for some sweet little notes and a bookmark.   

 I put two of pieces of the adhesive ribbon adhesive sides together. Then using the pen as a guide, I adhered stuck the inner ribbon to itself and then to the composition book. 

Happy Valentine's Day!  


  1. Loved the idea of using a favor bag for the inside pocket- I made notebooks for the girls I teach at church and am going to have to do that. Question about the ribbon though for the pen- how sturdy is it? Do you think a bunch of 12 year old girls would rip it off easily? Its a great idea but I don't want to go through the trouble if its not worth it- you know? Found you from SITS by the way!

    1. Hi Camille thanks for stopping by! As far as the ribbon, I think you'll be fine if you use a strong adhesive. The one I used is really good for paper and even chipboard but doesn't seem to hold something functional quite as well. We've found that we have to keep re-sticking the ribbon. Fabritac would probably be the best thing for gluing ribbon and other fabric to paper/chipboard.